El mas de la casa blanca



  • Organic extra virgin olive oil; biologic growing from organic olives coming from “El Mas de la Casa Blanca” farm. Olive varieties are such as: Arbequina and Alfafara (local variety from the mountains to the north of Alicante).
  • This organic oil is a selection of the best olives in the farm, kept and treated in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way from their harvest to their bottling, resulting in a Premium olive oil. In addition, the location of the olive mill, inside the same farm, lets the time from harvesting to milling be really short. As a consequence, the best of the farm harvest stays at home in a so-called FAMILY SELECTION.
  • The harvest and production process takes place between the end of October and the beginning of November; thus, we achieve a greener, fruitier, stronger and more aromatic olive oil. Cold extraction
  • With this package design, we would like to pay homage to the Mediterranean sea, to the family history where this product comes from and to all that flora which these olives trees are grown with, elements.
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EL MAS DE LA CASA BLANCA, SELECCIÓN FAMILIAR 500 ml Vidrio Oscuro En Serigrafía Y Encapsulada. Tapón No Rellenable 6 ver