TRONCAL, Virgen Extra


  • Extra virgin olive oil from our conventional harvest. His attributes are bitter and spicy. His varieties are such as: Arbequina, alfafara, villalonga and blanqueta.
  • Organoleptic features exceptional, his taste enriches all Mediterranean cuisine dishes. Cold extraction.
  • Troncal is named in honor the trunk of olive tree. Olive tree is from “Oleaceas” family. His trunk is generally short, thick, irregular and light grey color. It is frequently observed some bump and crack.
  • TRONCAL is available in the following formats::
    • In glass: 250ml, 500ml y 1000ml
    • In plastic PET: 1000ml, 2000ml y 5000ml.
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TRONCAL, VIRGEN EXTRA 5000 ml Plástico PET 3 ver
TRONCAL, VIRGEN EXTRA 2000 ml Plástico PET 6 ver
TRONCAL, VIRGEN EXTRA 1000 ml Plástico PET 15 ver
TRONCAL, VIRGEN EXTRA 1000 ml Vidrio transparente 12 ver
TRONCAL, VIRGEN EXTRA 500 ml Vidrio oscuro 12 ver
TRONCAL, VIRGEN EXTRA 250 ml Vidrio oscuro 20 ver

What is new: Balsamic vinegar TRONCAL

Suitable for all types of dressings. its clean, bright appearance is highlighted. Its color is dark brown and its liquid texture is medium density.

Ingredients: Wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, new wine caramel coloring e-150d and sulfur dioxide preservative E-220.