Ribes Oli

Troncal Arbequina

TVA incluse

A top category oilve oil, 100% Arbequina, picked up on our estate using natural methods. Grinded immmediately after harvesting and stored in a stainless steel tank in a fresh place away from heat sources.

The grinding is carried out in cold, reducing the time of extraction and selecting only the flower of the oil. The result us a dense and luminous oil that rests to decant because of gravity and turns into authentic “Oleum exVoid Ulivis” (oil from green olives).

Ribes-Oli’s extra virgin oils are made from olives grown and cultivated on the same land, which is located in a priveleged enviroment. All juice elaborated by this company of great olive tradition, which is born of different olive tres with the characteristics of the soil that contributes to its personality as consequence of a Mediterranean micro-climate.


500 ml.





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