Ribes Oli

Troncal Coupage

TVA incluse

Coming from a selection of the best olives of our estate, in a beautiful enclave in a mountain of Alicante with Mediterranean climate and with cold winters, which favor a high quality of the Extra Virgin Oilve Oil.

Main Coupage is a complex blend of “Alfafara”, “Arbequina” and “Manzanilla”, in whose process we pay more attention to the quality tan the quantity, avoiding oxidate processes and temperaturas which can cause the los of flavours in the high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The grinding is carried out in cold, reducing the time of extraction and selecting only the flower of the oil. The result is a dense and luminous oil that rests to decant because of gravity and to turn into authentic “Oleum ex.Void Ulivi” (oil from green olives).


500 ml.





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