Ribes Oli


Organic extra virgin olive oil, ecologically grown from organic olives, top category olive oil, and cosmetics obtained from organic extra virgin olive oil


Beniqueis is an exquisite coupage elaborated with olives selected from the Region of Valencia with the varieties “Manzanilla”, “Blanqueta” and “Alfafara”, which are very balanced and rich in blends.

El Mas de la Casa Blanca

Organic extra virgin olive oil; ecologically grown from organic olives coming from “El Mas de la Casa Blanca” farm. Olive varieties are such as: “Arbequina” and “Alfafara” (local variety from the mountains of the north of Alicante).


Top category olive oil from conventional olive groves, obtained directly from olives and only through mechanical procedures.

Troncal selección

Organic extra virgin olive oil coming from the best olives from the farm, cared and treated in an enviromentally-friendly and sustainable way from the harvest to the bottling, resulting in a Premium olive oil.


Moisturiser handcream obtained from Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aloe, Urea and Allantoin. Soap hands obtained from Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Protector lipstick is obtanied from Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cocoa butter.