Top Quality Olive Oil

We are the fourth generation of a business family with olive oil tradition with almost a century of history.

We are located in the province of Alicante, between the inland mountains of Aitana and Mariola, against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

Dedicated to olive growing in both its ecological and traditional variant. In the olive oil mil, olives are milled and olive juiced is subsequently extracted, packed and marketed. 

Olive farming is rooted in our area for centuries. The right soil and climate, along with olive varieties as “Arbequina”, “Alfafarenca”, and “Blanquette”, produce a delicious natural juice extra virgin olive oil of superior category, obtained solely by mechanical means.

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Organic olive oil

The situation of our mill within our estate, allows us the time elapse since the olive picking up milling brief. Our olive oil is produced by a traditional system, where the flavor, aroma and vitamins are the essence of this healthy product.

Ribes Oli
Ribes Oli
Ribes Oli