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El Mas de la Casa Blanca

El Mas de la Casa Blanca

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Organic extra virgin olive oil; ecologically grown from organic olives coming from “El Mas de la Casa Blanca” farm. Olive varieties are such as: “Arbequina” and “Alfafara” (local variety from the mountains of the north of Alicante).

This organic oil is a selection of the best olives from the farm, cared and treated in an enviromentally-friendly and sustainable way from the harvest to the bottling, resulting in a Premium olive oil. In addition, the location of the olive mill, inside the same farm, reducing the time from harvesting to milling as short as possible. As a consequence, the best of the farm harvest stays at home in a so-called FAMILLY SELECTION.

With this package design, we would like to pay homage to the Mediterranean sea, to the family history where this product comes from, and to all the flora which these olives trees are grown with, elements all together which make a unique olive oil. Plum trees, pine, peach trees, wildflowers … vegatation which characterize the Spanish Mediterranean area and its mountain landscapes.

Therefore, we have made an illustration which shows a view of that flora in spring, a poetic vision of the splendour of the flowering in those mountains, full of olive trees, plum trees in bloom, wildflowers … on a bright background that gives it freshness, elegance and simplicity, a pure reflection on the history ans philosophy of our brand, founded in 1924 and which combines tradition with a strong desire for innovation and quality.


500 ml.



Serigraph and Encapsulated Dark Glass. Non-Refillable Cap


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